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. Some things to remind

Due to the fact that there are many wrong join requests and submissions I would like to remind you of our most important rules.

:bulletblack: JOIN REQUESTS:
If you would like to join this group, please keep in mind that this is a photography group for bloody, macabre and dark artworks. If you haven't got such photos in your gallery, please feel free to watch us instead of joining us, as we really would like to have active members.

:bulletblack: SUBMISSIONS:
The most important thing when it comes to submissions is the folder system. Please submit your photographs to the correct folder. If you would like to submit something without blood choose the folder "Dark.Emotional". For every other photograph there are the two other folders. If you are not sure about our folder system, this blog entry could be helpful: Folder-Descriptions.
Please also keep the submission limit of two photos per day in mind.

It would be really nice if you could remove photographs which you put in your storage from our folders. This is important, especially when it comes to the "Featured" folder because we show a random photograph from this folder on our profile page and it could happened that such a stored deviation appears here which doesn't look very good. The same counts if you left the group. It would be very nice if you delete the workings you submitted to this group.

From time to time I browse trough all the members of the group and kick out everyone which is no longer a member of dA. Due to this fact the number of group members drops sometimes. This is because I want active members which be a real part of the group and add something to it. But don't worry, I will not kick out anyone with an account on dA.

I have updated the "Important Information" on our profile page and hope that you can find the most important rules easier now.
We have  about 1.000 members and we are only two admins so please keep these rules in mind to make sure that this group works as efficient as possible.
Thank you for reading and always enjoy the blood!

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:  :gun:  :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:
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:bulletred: Read more about the group's team here: About Us :bulletred:







:bulletred: Other great groups with interesting topics - make sure that you visit their galleries. :bulletred:

(If you want to affiliate with us please read the AFFILIATION RULES under the "Important Information"-section before you send in your request.)

.: Important Information :.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The group's gallery contains photographs with mature content!



This group is for photographers that express their darkest and strangest feelings through their workings.

All dark photographs are welcome; gore, horror&macabre art or simply profound sombre workings - but as the name says, the main focus of the group is on gore photographs.

. . . . . ::bulletred:: . . . . .

:house: I. The Group:

:bulletred: Genres
: Violence.Gore
: Horror.Macabre
: Dark.Emotional

:bulletred: Type Of Art
: Photography ONLY

:bulletred: Members
: Photographers that are interested in the macabre and bloody side of life

:dalove: II. Membership:

:bulletred: How To Join
1. Click on the button "Join our group"
2. Please put the LINK of one gore (dark) photograph from your gallery into the join request
3. Please add the group-icon to your journal/install the group-widget on your profile page (optional)

:bulletred: Could I Be A Contributor?
No, not at the moment. If we need more contributors I will ask for help

:bulletred: Could I Only Watch The Group?
This is a good option for people that have no gore/dark photographs in their galleries but enjoy gore and dark art. To watch us simply click on the button "Watch"

:deviation: III. Submissions:

: Photography ONLY
: Photomanipulations are okay if they are not too "strong" (It is okay if you change the colours etc. or add brushes but not too much - it should have something to do with photography)
: Submit only your own workings
: If you use brushes etc. link them back
: Submit in the right folder
: Submissions are limited to two photographs per day
: Please submit your best workings; quality over quantity!

:bulletblack: Quality:
: No (too) grainy photographs
: No myspace shots with you holding the camera and posing the same time
: No ketchup-blood photographs without any meaning
: In general photos should be clear and in focus

:bulletblack: Not allowed:
: Photomanipulations or heavy manipulated photographs
: Nudity (There are exceptions - in case of doubt decides the founder)
: "Pro nazi" photos and such stuff
: Dead animals (Skulls are okay)

:bulletred: How To Submit
1. Click on the button "Contribute Art"
2. Choose the right folder
3. Choose the photograph you want to submit
4. Click on the button "Submit"

:bulletred: Why Was My Photography Declined?
There are two reasons for that:
1. Your photograph does not meet the groups topics
2. You broke one or more of the submission rules

:gallery: IV. Folders:

:eye: Featured
This folder is only for admin decisions. Usually there is one photograph of each group-member shown in this section

:gun: Violence.Gore
This folder is for all bloody photographs

:skullbones: Horror.Macabre
This folder is for photographs which are not necessary bloody but causes a feeling of horror, e.g. supernatural creatures like zombies, witches, vampires etc.

:blackrose: Dark.Emotional
This folder is for all photographs which have dark themes and/or cause different dark emotions WITHOUT any gore

Workings which are submitted in the wrong folders will be declined without any comment. If you submitted something in the wrong category by accident write a comment into the submission request then we will accept your work and will move it to the right folder. Of course you can also withdraw your submission and resubmit it into the correct folder by yourself

For more information use this link: Folder-Descriptions

:star: V. Favourites:

: Members are not allowed to submit their own workings to the favourites!
: Photography ONLY
: Submissions are limited to one photograph per person
: No nudity allowed!
: No dead animals!

:bulletred: How To Suggest A Fave
1. Click on the button "Suggest a Fave"
2. Choose the photograph you want to submit
3. Click on the button "Submit"

:handshake: VI. Affiliates:

: We prefer groups with dark/gore themes but that means not that we don't accept any other groups - simply try it
: The "Affiliates"-widget on your group's profile-page has to be enabled
: Your group needs at least an icon (a description or something like that would be a good idea too)

:bulletred: How To Affiliate
1. Click on the button "Affiliate" on your own group's page
2. Write down the name of our group (TheBloodPool)
3. If you want to write down a few words
4. Click on the button "Request Affiliation"

:bulletred: Can You Help Us With Contests?
That would be no problem. Simply note us and tell about the contest you want to run/are running. We will mention your contest in our journal.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

:? Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us!
Note the group | Note the founder

:iconbloodzplz: AND NOW...ENJOY THE BLOOD!



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